Friday, September 30, 2011

Hello World! Well, my partner and I have successfully moved from Upstate NY to Kentucky. She is settling into her job at her new hospital. I'm settling into being a stay at home mom. There’s something to be said about this as I have had a job most of my life and this is definitely a change. I look at it as my job.
Our son is doing well in school. He's in the first grade and has Aced all his spelling tests so far. Our daughter, sigh, is 18 months old and already hitting the terrible twos. She's smart, energetic, and gorgeous. In other words the kids are growing well. 
I’ve started this blog to share my experience and any helpful household tips. Seems kinda ridiculous in today’s age of the internet and all the information flooding our computer screens. However, I won’t post about something I haven’t tried or done successfully.
We have an ancient pear tree out back, well right out the back door to be exact, that is tremendously prolific. They are the kind of pears that you can store till November or December and they are still delicious. I imagine the people who built the house planted it. Ironically enough, the pears drop mostly at night and since we have a metal roof when they hit it sounds like someone’s dropped a bomb. The first couple of nights I was convinced someone was trying to break-in.
All in all I hope that people enjoy the tales of my journey and are able to learn something new, possibly from my mistakes.

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iamhoney said...

I'm reading La..........keep on updating and add photos of my grandchildren please! By the way this is sherry in case iamhoney didnt give it a way lol!