Tuesday, July 26, 2005

The Sites of Edinburgh

I'm staying, as I've said, at Ardgowan B&B. It's a lovely place and quite eccentric. Apparently it is one of the oldest B&B's in Edinburgh. You can read more about it at they're website: http://www.ardgowan.com/

This is the view from my room.

It is not in the city centre like Charing Cross Guest House. It is a bit outside of the downtown area. However, it isn't a terribly long walk and a very short bus ride to Princes Street and other shops from here.

I'm sure y'all will find the next several photos a bit macabre. However, It is intriguing to notice how afraid of death and its images we as a society have become. These photos are of the Greyfriars cemetery. What one can garner from the nature of the headstones and other funerary art is that people used to celebrate and pay homage to death and the dead. Well, at least if you had the gold to do so.

This is looking down a street called Candlemaker. It is next to the Royal National Museum of Scotland. It is down this street that I found a fantastic little shop called (Un)Familiar. It sells a variety of pagan and occult supplies and art.

This is the store front of (Un)Familiar. I was quite grateful to discover it as I finally found someone to hang-out with here.

Just down a bit on the same street if you looked up you would see the photo below. It is, I believe the rear of Edinburgh Castle. I'm not going to take the tour because it is a bit pricey and being on a limited budget I think I'll opt for a smaller castle and therefore a cheaper tour.

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