Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall is swiftly coming upon us. This week my son is home on Fall Break from school. That adds so much more excitement. To help keep him occupied Granny, my mom, went to and downloaded Halloween pictures for him to color. She also found connect the dots for him to do. My son's sister has really enjoyed having him around during the day. They play well together.

One thing I have stuck to with him, even though he is six, is 'nap time.' He doesn't actually nap these days, however, after lunch he goes to his room for an hour of quiet time. He reads, plays legos, or watches a video. Doing this gives me an hour of kid free time, I can relax and get things done.

My big plan for next week is to start the winterizing. I don't have central air conditioning but I do have about six window unit air conditioners. I'm going to take them out of the windows, vacuum them, and clean them before I put them into storage. This way I will know that they are ready to go when summer returns. Another winterizing chore is going to be re-building the chicken tractor so that the varmints quit getting my chickens and so that they will be warm for the winter. Once I've rebuilt it I need to move it to where I want my garden to be next year. The chickens will then start 'plowing' it for me and fertilizing it.

I suspect it was a raccoon that got three of my chickens recently. I'm pretty sure I have 2 hens and a rooster left. We've been getting two eggs a day so far as I can tell. One of the hens is a bit broody and keeps hiding the eggs so I'm not sure if I'm finding them a day later or if I have 2 hens. The eggs are quite tasty and remarkably brilliant when you cook them. Not at all like the pallid store bought eggs.

I hope to post at least a couple of times a week. I'm willing to try suggestions, answer comments, and what not.


Grrranny said...

Perhaps you should let nature take it's course, and allow some of the eggs to grow into more chickens???

Gabe said...

to late in the season, baby chicks are not meant to hatch in late fall early winter.

wyrdsystir said...

Have to agree with Gabe. We're going to get more chickens like these in the spring and raise them. I imagine we'll have some for eating, but I'd like to have 6-10 layers.