Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I'm still at the café working on getting my pictures up. Kate here's a call out to ya! They were just playing the Beetles and it made me think of you. So, folks, on with the pretty pictures. Next in line will be what I could see out the window of my first room. I've moved rooms since I've been here because I only set up for four nights but needed to stay in Glasgow longer. The room with a view.

This is perhaps one of the neater lamposts I've ever seen. It has two bronze statues on it of pidgeons. Yep, pidgeons. I have yet to see a squirell but there are tons of pidgeons and they're quite cheeky too.

This is rather interesting too. It is a bust of ...someone... I'm not sure who and neither is anyone else. He sits atop a now defunct shop. I can only hazard to guess that it may have been a music shoppe?

The following are some of the things that I saw as I walked around Glasgow City Centre. Good thing I had my camera with me because I got lost a few times and it gave me something to do while I wandered around.

This is just a cool construction 'thingy' I saw. Apparently they had taken out a building that had stood between two other buildings and used this to hold up one of the remaining buildings.

This is a pretty church that I saw as I walked up Pitt Street back to the B&B.

This is the park where I had my dinner the second night I was here. Apparently on days that it doesn't rain they turn on the water and it works like a fountain sort of the water goes down on the left and right of the steps like mini gorges.

I was supposed to have a Ford Ka, however, they didn't have one and I got a free upgrade to this. I think it's called a Vauxhill Mivera. Rounded and small is the fashion for vehicles here. Except taxis they tend to be a bit bigger.

This is a look down Garnet Hill. Until I figured out a less steep way to get back to my B&B I walked up this many times. Ohhhh, my aching calves. You can see in the distance, if you squint, green country-side.

This is one of the buildings you'd see on the campus of Glasgow University. It is a gate house. I tried to get a close-up of the crest on it but it did not turn out well.

This is a shot of the Clyde, it's a river that runs through Glasgow.

This is the miniest car I've seen. The car in front of it is just a wee bit smaller than my Ford Escort Wagon at home to give you some scale.

This is just a neighborhood shot near Glasgow University.

This road is called Great Western Way. I was warned that it was a big road by a local. I imagined something like south 13 in Ithaca, NY or 127 through Lawrenceburg, KY. Again this gives you an idea for scale by comparison. This is a 'big' road in the city. Imagine what a regular or small road looks like. In fact, there are some 'lanes,' I would call them alleys, that don't look like they are big enough to fit a car through them.

Well, that's it for the photos for now. *Yawn* it's getting late almost 9p GMT. The most interesting thing about my physical condition so far as jet lag is concerned is that I really didn't get it. However, my insomnia has gone into overdrive.

Another interesting point before I sign off for today. It's 9p GMT but it looks more like it does at 7p EDT outside. The daylight hangs on much longer here. In fact, it stays dusk like until about 10:30p GMT. Kinda interestin'

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